1. Creating a New Project in TIA Portal - Sorting line by length



You are invited on a fascinating journey into the world of controller programming in the latest lesson. We are creating a brand new portal project, which will be developed in future episodes. Our aim is to create a system that sorts products by their length, using CP modb hardware.

In this lesson, you will learn how to perform autodetection, hardware parameterisation and upload everything to the controller. It's not just theory - a step-by-step guide to Tia Portal will allow you to put the knowledge you've gained into practice. To stay up to date, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

We start by launching the Project View environment and then set up a new project called 'sorting by length'. In the next steps, we configure the hardware, carry out the detection and finally move on to programming the controller. Find out what exciting possibilities lie in the world of PLC programming.


Table of contents

00:17 Task content
00:50 Commencement of prracing at TIA Portal
00:54 Launch of TIA Portal
01:02 Switching the view in TIA Portal
01:13 Setting up a new project
02:27 Addition of device
04:04 Addition of unspecified S7-1200 CPU
05:13 Automatic equipment detection
05:53 Flash LED functionality
07:20 Parameterisation of equipment
08:14 Setting the IP address
09:18 Start of clock runs (Cloc
10:40 PLC programming
11:03 Extended download to device window
12:21 Synchronisation of blocks
13:10 Summary
13:28 Completion


Welcome! Today we're going to work together to create a new project in Tia Portal, which will be our portal to further lessons. We will call this project "Sorting by L," where we will focus on sorting products by their length. We will be using both CP hardware and auto-sorting options.

Creating a New Project

We start work in Tia Portal by launching the Project View environment. We can do this by clicking on the "Project View" button on the left-hand side of the screen. We then set up a new project called "Sorting by L."

Adding Equipment and Configuring the Controller

We add a new device to the project by selecting the appropriate S7 controller from the controllers group. We can specify the exact CPU module, and use autodetection to facilitate the configuration process.

Device detection and parameterisation

We begin device detection by selecting a network card and starting the search process. Once this is complete, we move on to hardware parameterisation, where we set IP addresses, boot mode, and other relevant options.

Controller programming

We proceed to program the controller, save the project, and select the device to be programmed. The next steps include configuring block synchronisation and starting the programming process.

Conclusion and Invitation to the Course

Once the programming process has been successfully completed, we have the equipment ready for the next tasks.


  • A portal project called 'sorting by lenght' will be developed in subsequent lessons.
  • Planned sorting of products by length, addition of equipment or use of autodetection.
  • Parameterisation of the hardware and uploading to the controller are key steps.
  • The manual covers getting Tia Portal up and running, creating a new project, adding a device and control unit.
  • IP address entry, start-up settings, and clock waveform configuration are important for programming.
  • Network detection and parameterisation process, including Flash LED function.
  • Step-by-step hardware configuration, addition of modules, selection of connection type (Profinet), and final programming.
  • Block synchronisation and launch mode are important stages.
  • Completion includes a block synchronisation question, selection of the start mode, and termination of programming.
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