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Welcome to the latest lesson, where we will explore the fascinating world of symbolic names. We'll introduce them from a file you already have from previous episodes, opening the door to advanced programming.

We are getting started in the Tia Portal environment, where I will show you how to import symbolic names from a previously exported file. It's not just theory - step by step I'll show you how to use the import icon to point to the file you need. You will find it all on your desktop, where we previously exported our PLC project.

We will go through the process of importing symbolic names and then see them automatically appear on our screen, ready for use. These are the names we worked on in the previous lessons, now available on the left, ready for use in your project.


Table of contents

00:10 Task content
00:25 Start of TIA Portal prracing
00:29 Moving to PLC tags
00:40 Symbolic names generated automatically
00:54 Import icon
02:26 Completion


Hello! Today we're going to take a closer look at symbolic names and, more specifically, how exactly we can optimise them. Let's now turn to the details of this task.

File import and first steps

We will start with a simple task, using a file from previous lessons. If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any updates.

We now proceed to work with the programme. We select the "Show All" option to see the available symbolic names that have already been generated automatically when creating the hardware configuration.

Importing symbolic names

Now, we will use the import option. We point to the file we exported earlier on the desktop. After selecting the file, we click "Open".

Important: the first time you import, you do not have to worry about synchronisation, as we do not yet have symbolic names in addition to the system ones.

Once the import is complete, we confirm that the names have been imported, and we can now see them on the left-hand side of the programme in the 'All Tables' tab. Here you will find both the input and output signals we worked with in the previous lessons.


  • Discussion of the topic: Symbolic names.
  • Importing a file from previous lessons.
  • Incentive to subscribe to the channel for updates.
  • Getting started with Port.
  • Selection of 'Show All' to review existing symbolic names.
  • Importing a file from the import icon.
  • Indicator that there is no relevance to synchronisation on first import.
  • Selection of a previously exported file from a previous lesson.
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