SIMATIC ET 200S - the complete product portfolio for distributed automation systems

Multifunctional and reliable SIMATIC ET 200S

The SIMATIC ET 200S is a complete product range specifically designed for distributed automation systems. Thanks to its robust, shock-resistant design, it is ideal for a wide variety of industrial environments.

PROFINET interface and I/O modules

ET 200S offers a variety of communication interfaces, which are connected via PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET. CPU-equipped interface modules allow operations to be performed directly at the I/O devices, significantly speeding up the response to time-critical signals.

Stand-alone stations or distributed automation system

Interface modules with CPU functionality can operate both as stand-alone stations and as part of a distributed automation system with local intelligence. This makes it possible to implement medium-sized programmes. The performance of these modules corresponds to the CPU 314, enabling distributed process data management even in the case of fail-safe versions.

Solutions for different applications

The ET 200S offers a wide range of products for a variety of tasks in industrial automation:

  • Technology modules
  • Engine starters
  • Frequency converters
  • Pneumatic interfaces
  • IO-link sensor modules
  • Fail-Safe modules (input/output and voltage module)
  • Profibus network master modules

Technical data of ET 200S interface modules

Interface moduleIM 151-7 CPU/CPU FOIM 151-7 F-CPUIM 151-8 PN/DP CPUIM 151-8F PN/DP CPU
PROFIBUSCopper/fibre optic cableCopper cable
PROFINETCopper cableCopper cableCopper cable
Number of modules (max.)63636363
Station width (max.)2 m2 m2 m2 m
CPU functionalityCPU 314CPU 314CPU 314CPU 314
Firmware updatesMicro Memory CardMicro Memory CardCommunication network, Micro Memory CardCommunication network, Micro Memory Card
Order no.6ES7 151-7AA. / 7AB.7FA.8AB.8FB.

SIMATIC ET 200S - Advanced I/O System for Industrial Automation

The SIMATIC ET 200S is a comprehensive I/O system that is ideal for industrial automation applications. Thanks to its versatility and robust design, it is the ideal solution for a wide variety of control and process monitoring tasks.

Advantages and Capabilities of SIMATIC ET 200S:

1. integrated CPU: With its built-in processors, the ET 200S offers advanced functionality without the need for additional equipment.

2. savings in Cabling: Thanks to its intelligent design, the system minimises the need for cables, resulting in time and cost savings.

COMPACT version: The available compact option allows the system to be flexibly expanded while retaining a small footprint.

4 Bit-Modular Construction: The modular design allows for easy expansion and adaptation to the specific application.

5. Wide Range of Modules: The extensive range of modules includes, among others, power supplies, digital and analogue interfaces, and technology modules.

6 Integrated Diagnostics: The system provides advanced diagnostics on a channel-by-channel basis to facilitate maintenance and rapid fault location.

7 Use in Extreme Conditions: Thanks to its high resistance to mechanical conditions and its ability to operate over a wide temperature range, the ET 200S performs well even in harsh industrial environments.

8. Replacing Modules During Operation: The Hot Swapping function allows modules to be safely swapped without interrupting system operation.

Application areas SIMATIC ET 200S:

Due to its versatility and adaptability to a wide variety of needs, the ET 200S is used in many industrial sectors. It is ideal for, among others:

  • Automation of production processes,
  • Control of industrial machinery and equipment,
  • Monitoring and control of technical installations,
  • Applications requiring high reliability and safety.

The SIMATIC ET 200S is not only a comprehensive I/O system, but also a guarantee of performance, flexibility and reliability in any industrial application. With its advantages and capabilities, it provides a solid basis for modern automation solutions.


The SIMATIC ET 200S is a complete product offering dedicated to distributed automation systems. Its versatility and reliability make it the ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. Offering a wide range of interface modules and high performance, the ET 200S will meet even the most demanding process automation needs.

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