SIMATIC S5 - S5-95U controller


We provide an overview of the hardware and software features commonly used in the automation of industrial equipment using programmable logic controllers from the renowned Siemens company. The SIMATIC S5 system is used at all levels of automation and in all industries.

The S5-95U controllers, characterised by greater capabilities compared to the S5-90U controllers, can control complex technological operations such as fast counting, response to external events or real-time signal recording. Thanks to their analogue input system, they can be used to automate a variety of equipment such as packaging machines, automatic washers or heating and ventilation systems. The S5-95U controllers have a compact design for easy mounting on a standard 35mm profile rail. The S5-95U controller's signal line wiring connects directly to a terminal strip located on the front of the controller. An external 24V DC voltage source is used to supply power to the controller and, if required, a standard power supply with adequate capacity is fitted.

The S5-95U controllers are manufactured in four versions: a standard and three special versions. The standard version is equipped with a V24/TTY 20mA serial interface connector for the connection of an operator panel, programmer or PC, also enabling operation on the SINEC L1 network. The second version includes an additional serial interface allowing connection to a host device using standard transmission protocols. The third and fourth versions include controllers equipped with connectors enabling operation in SINEC L2-FSM/TF and SINEC L2-DP networks, respectively.

The central processing unit of the S5-95U controller has significant computational capabilities, enabling 1KB of instructions to be processed in approximately 2ms. The controller's memory is 16KB, a significant increase over the S5-90U. The S5-95U controller has 2048 tags, 512 of which are battery backed, 128 timers and 128 counters, 8 of which are battery backed.

The two-state inputs of the S5-95U controller include 16 standard 24V DC inputs with galvanic isolation, 4 interrupt inputs and 2 high-speed counter inputs. Of particular note are 8 analogue voltage inputs and a 0-20mA analogue output, which can be used to monitor process parameters and control actuators.

System expansion is achieved by directly attaching S5-100U system modules, and the S5-95U controller can be expanded to 480 binary inputs/outputs, 41 analogue inputs/outputs and 66 external counters. It is also possible to attach intelligent field controllers to the S5-100U system, which significantly increases the functionality of the system.

The STEP-5 programming language, available for the S5-95U controller, allows program structuring and cyclic or interrupt-controlled execution. The use of a real-time clock/calendar is also possible. The software also allows the use of function block libraries, such as basic function packages or PID controllers.

In summary, the S5-95U controllers have a high level of reliability and expandability, making them ideal for industrial applications requiring advanced automation and precise control.

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